David Donnell

David DonnellManaging Director

David is the Managing Director of TBC Conversions and has been with the company for 8 years. As well as managing all operational and production activities within the business, David is responsible for bringing new products and manufacturer partnerships into the portfolio and is very hands-on when it comes to new product development, design and the manufacturing process.

Gerard Galvin

Gerard GalvinSenior Sales Manager

Gerard joined TBC in June 2011 and brought with him over 10 years experience working with specially adapted vehicles. Having previously worked in both the private accessible and Community Transport sectors, Gerard has a vast knowledge of bespoke wheelchair accessible conversions and is best placed to identify the right vehicle and solution for both individual and group customers.

Tom McKeown

Tom McKeownSales Manager Motability

Tom Joined TBC Mobility Conversions in 2008 and is the Motability Sales Manager specialising in Motability and working with all UK Mobility and Motability customers. Tom has a vast experience of the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle marketplace and is also responsible for commercial sales of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles used by patient transfer companies, councils and care homes.

Joanne Campbell

Joanne CampbellSales Manager UK

Joanne has responsibility for developing Minibus sales across the UK and has over 17 years experience in the accessible vehicle market specialising in working with local authority, commercial dealerships and community transport groups. She has an exceptional understanding of both the manufacturing process and customers needs and works across a number of key accounts for the company.

Neil Usher

Neil UsherProcurement/Estimator

Neil is an experienced member of the team and has been with the company for 5 years working in a variety of roles. He has an in-depth understanding engineering along with the needs of our customers, which gives him great insight when it comes to his work in procurement and estimating.

Tina McCrum

Tina McCrumAccounts/Production Administrator

Tina is one of our long standing members of staff and has a variety of roles within the organisation. Her key responsibilities are within the accounts department and also in support of the production team.

Aimee McBride

Aimee McBrideReceptionist/Customer Service

Aimee leads the frontline in customer service for TBC Conversions and plays a wide and varied role for the company. As receptionist and telephonist, she is the first point of contact with all customers and suppliers and additionally she offers administrative and after sales support to the business development team.

Gemma Owens

Gemma OwensAdmin Support

Gemma works as a member of the TBC Conversions administrative team. She plays an important role across the entire business in her capacity as production and accounts assistant.

Zara McKee

Zara McKeeMotability Administrator

Zara is one of the latest recruits to the team and works closely with the TBC Mobility Conversions team. Her main responsibilities are assisting customers and the team of sales advisors with administration for Motability customers.

Technical Staff

Technical StaffTechnicians

TBC Conversions has a team of over 25 highly qualified and skilled technicians working across all 3 divisions - meet Wesley and Richard. Along with their colleagues, they make sure that every vehicle is designed, built and delivered with intelligence, empathy and care.

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