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Mobility - Roberta and David Rooney

Roberta and David Rooney

“Your service and customer care is first class. Tom McKeown, your sales manager was most helpful, not only in his product knowledge and the way he presented the different options available but he has been ready at all times to answer any of our questions, making our decision to purchase an easy choice. We have already recommended your company to other people since this work was carried out and will be happily do so in the future. Thank you again. It has been a hassle free pleasure dealing with you."
Mobility - Liam and Rose McGonigle

Liam and Rose McGonigle

“We would like to thank you for the outstanding service you gave us providing us especially under such extreme weather conditions. It is hard to explain in words just what getting this car has meant to me and my wife, Rose and it certainly made our Christmas, as we have been house bound for months. It is refreshing to find people so true to their word, keeping us updated with the procedure, you have made our life so much easier and accessible again. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year."
Mobility - Sara Colins

Sara Colins

"I’ve finally got round to writing my letter of appreciation to you for my VW Caddy Maxi Life conversion. TBC Mobility Conversions has been very helpful and courteous in helping me select the right vehicle for my needs. The conversion itself is so much more comfortable and sturdy than my last vehicle. I am over the moon with both the vehicle and the continuing support from your team."
Mobility - Michelle, Nigel and Bethany Bawden

Michelle, Nigel and Bethany Bawden.

"I would like to thank you for the service you have provided with Bethany’s new Motability vehicle. We have had a very professional service throughout and extremely quick service. We are very pleased with our new vehicle and you will be our first call when it’s time to renew again."
Mobility - Bob and Gabby

Bob and Gabby

"I must write to say how pleased I am with the way you explained everything about the VW Caddy and the quick delivery and you kept your word! Thank you! We are so pleased with the car. Will recommend you to all"
Mobility - Angie and Brian Wattam 2

Angie and Brian Wattam

TBC Mobility Conversions delivered a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle for a family in Kent: Thank you so much for all your help getting Brian’s WAV. Without your help we would still be waiting, but because of you we have be able to take Brian out which has really made a difference, as we are now able to make memories for him and us whilst we still can. Brian’s MS has really taken a turn for the worse over the last 2 weeks, so we have been making short trips out every other day which he is really enjoying. I will never forget the kindness you have shown to both Brian and I, or the way you helped guide me through step by step the minefield called motability, even the point of you being at the end of the phone when I needed advice. I would recommend TBC Mobility Conversions to every disabled person I come across who needs a WAV. David Donnell should be very proud of having a team and company who remembers that a disabled person is still a human being and treats them and their family with such care."
Mobility -  Ian and Jeanne Parkinson

Ian and Jeanne Parkinson

"It was a pleasure to meet you at Naidex at the NEC in April, and we cannot thank you enough for all the help you gave us when we were looking for a WAV. The VW Caddy Maxi is going well and the difference it has made to Ian to be able to get out and about - it has made such a difference to our lives."
Mobility - The Hanson Family

The Hanson Family

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! From the moment we met you at Gosforth Racecourse, we knew you were the company for us. Your company were so enthusiastic and interested in our needs as individuals. Always being at the end of the phone to give us advice and answer silly questions. We’ll definitely be recommending TBC Conversions to anyone looking for a WAV. Wishing you a continued success,"
Mobility - Colin, Leanne Jack, Charlotte Hand

Colin, Leanne Jack, Charlotte Hand

“We would like to thank all at TBC Mobility Conversions for all the help, advice and hard work that all of you did for my family. Charlotte loves her WAV and it has made her and our lives much easier when transporting her around. The VW Caddy Maxi life is a super vehicle for this purpose and has tons of room for all the kit we need to take with us for Charlottes care needs. TBC Mobility Conversions has made the whole the whole experience a pleasure for us with the banter we had in a process that may have been difficult if using a different conversion company to obtain Charlottes DLA vehicle. You were always happy to answer any problems that arose with our DLA application and provided great advice."
Mobility - Barbara Hunter

Barbara Hunter

"I must put pen to paper to express my deepest gratitude to your company for the excellent service you have given me in sorting out a suitable seat for my disabled sister. The company and the crew have provided a brilliant service, along with good advice in choosing the right seat, your endless patience, willing to listen especially, in my incessant ‘moaning’ with such endless cheerfulness. No problem was too small for you! So please accept my apologies for the delay and thank you so much for all you’ve done for me."