Intelligence • Empathy • Care
UK 0800 999 5090 / ROI 048 8772 2247

TBC Mobility Conversions offer the complete range of adaptations for any wheelchair accessible vehicle. As a business we are committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service and it is our belief that every driver and passenger, regardless of disability, deserves to travel in the highest levels of safety, comfort and style.

With this in mind, we work only with those manufacturers and suppliers who can deliver the best quality products, ensuring that our technicians use only the best when they adapt and convert your vehicle. We employ highly skilled and experienced technicians and our sales advisors are experienced in dealing with customers of all types - this means you get the best possible advice and customer service.

TBC Mobility Conversions are committed to our customers and meeting their needs and it is this focus which ensure that all our vehicles are designed, built and delivered with intelligence, empathy and care.

Outlined below are some of the standard adaptations undertaken by TBC Mobility Conversions - for any additional information regarding a more specific adaptation or to speak to one of our sales advisors please call 0800 999 5090 (from UK) or 048 8772 2247 (from ROI) or email