About TBC Mobility Conversions

TBC Mobility Conversions specialise in the adaption and conversion of wheelchair accessible vehicles for mobility customers across the UK and Ireland.

We have unrivalled experience in delivering high-quality converted vehicles for both individual mobility customers and large organisations.

Working with all major vehicle manufacturers, we have a long-standing relationship with VW Commercial Vehicles, having worked across their Caddy Maxi and Crafter Range and were the first conversion company in the UK to achieve the highest safety rating (ECWVTA / European Type Approval) for VW Caddy Maxi. Such is the strength of the relationship, we have a letter of "No Objection" from VW HQ in Wolfsburg, Germany.

In addition to the VW Caddy Maxi Life we also supply the Citroen Berlingo and have the technical experience and expertise to work on any wheelchair accessible vehicle.

TBC Conversions mechanic working on a vehicle

TBC Mobility Conversions works closely with Motability and have a dedicated team of sales advisors who supply Motability customers with wheelchair accessible vehicles across the United Kingdom. This relationship was acknowledged in 2012, when Motability voted TBC Mobility Conversions runner-up in their national supplier awards.

We are a customer-centric organisation and have a firm belief that every driver and passenger regardless of disability, deserves to travel in safety, comfort and style. This belief informs the thinking of our sales advisors and the highly skilled work of our technicians and it was through a collaboration of that collective expertise that we designed the "rear door seal" - a design feature exclusive to TBC Mobility Conversions vehicles, which significantly reduces internal noise and retains more heat within the vehicle.

Understanding the specific needs of our customers and applying the very best in technical skill to our manufacturing processes means that TBC Mobility Conversions is at the forefront of WAV adaptation and conversion across the UK and ROI and we continually strive to ensure that each vehicle is designed, built and delivered with intelligence, empathy and care.

For any additional information on how TBC Mobility Conversions can help you or to speak to one of our sales advisors, please do not hesitate to call 028 8772 2247 (from UK) or 048 8772 2247 (from ROI) or email sales@tbcconversions.com