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​​As more and more of our professional and personal lives begin to play out over Teams Meetings, text messages, and telephone calls, we have all had to adapt and roll with the punches. To help aid this transition in communication, we want to introduce to you, our client​s and customers, the people who will help you look after your wheelchair accessible vehicles or configure your unique specialist car conversions. ​

Stay tuned to meet all the vehicle mobility experts and car conversion specialists who will be looking after you at TBC Conversions.

We’ll be starting things off with Gerard (Gerry) Galvin our TBC Senior Sales Manager based in Dungannon.

So, Gerry, how did you get involved with TBC Conversions?

"At the age of 32, with two kids, a wife, and a mortgage I decided to go back to school by enrolling in an Invest NI export sales and marketing program (E2), part of which included a placement with a vehicle conversion company. From there, I went on to work as the Support and Development Officer for CTA (NI) and then as Transport Manager for Out and About Community Transport."

"I was already familiar with TBC and the wonderful work they were doing with some of the Rural Transport Fleet in NI as well as their cleverly converted minibuses. So, when Out and About began a merger with another similar company, I took the opportunity to join the TBC team. Here I began work on the development of TBC’s van to minibus conversions in the Taxi & Bus Conversions division."

What are the key messages you want your clients to be aware of?

"Everything we do at TBC Conversions is a result of careful planning and attention to detail. From initially meeting our customers and going through the consultation stages, to selecting the best vehicle and the most suitable conversion solutions that will meet all their individual needs."

"We do not take a “one fit; suits all” approach, going above and beyond to understand that each of our customers has vehicle conversion requirements specific to them alone."

"At TBC Conversions we strongly believe in building long term, lasting partnerships and focus on maintaining those relationships with our customers. It’s not simply a case of selling them our products and moving on, we’re in it for the long haul."

Is there anything you are most proud of since starting with TBC Conversions?

Whilst no specific moment comes to mind, I am exceptionally proud of how we have developed the business into one of the leading vehicle conversion companies in the UK and Ireland.

All the while we have kept our core beliefs at the focus of our work, keeping the TBC personal touch at the heart everything we do.

How do you see the company progressing over the course of 2021?

2021 will undoubtedly be a challenging year but, on the upside, we can look forward to having more time to develop a number of new exciting products and conversions, giving our customers a greater range of choice that will be ready and waiting for when things return to normal.

I know TBC Conversions will continue to invest in their people and products and in turn, the company will continue to grow throughout 2021. This strong focus on building the TBC Conversions team, product and brand will no doubt put us in an even stronger position when normal trading resumes.

What has changed most since COVID restrictions came into play and how are TBC Conversions adapting to those changes?

Without being able to meet face to face with our customers, there has been difficulty maintaining that personal touch, an approach that is key to how we do business.

Where possible, we have continued with improving distanced or digital contact, focusing on building those unique relationships with our customers whilst always understanding the need to be cautious and safe during these difficult times.

Mostly, I and the entire team at TBC Conversions, are looking forward to a time when restrictions are lifted and we return to resuming our more personal interactive appointments.

What makes you get up in the morning?

Knowing that every day in TBC is a learning day.

What is your favourite thing about supplying and converting wheelchair accessible cars and designing bespoke vehicle adaptions?

The expression on our customer's faces when they see the final converted product, realising that together we have brought their vehicle conversion ideas to life.

How do you think TBC stands out among other wheelchair conversion companies?

I believe that TBC Conversions have a fantastic team of people who will always go that extra mile to make every customer feel special, unique and appreciated.

What would your dream car be and why?

Believe it or not, outside of work I’ve absolutely no interest in vehicles and I am very pragmatic when selecting a car. If I had to choose – VW Touareg.

It’s easy to see that TBC’s core values are always in prime focus. We’d like to thank Gerry for taking the time to explain what working at TBC Conversions means to him.

If you have a particular idea for a specialist car conversion or, are in the market for a shiny new fleet of converted taxis or minibuses, do not hesitate to get in touch with Gerry or another member of the TBC Sales team on UK 0800 999 5090 / ROI 048 8772 2247.

You can look out for more opportunities to meet the team at TBC Conversions on our regularly updated news feed. Or why not follow us on our social media channels, where you can stay up to date with all the latest TBC happenings?

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