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SME Awards

Earlier this month we were delighted to be informed that TBC Conversions had been shortlisted for an SME Award, with regards to our work with the Northern Ireland Apprenticeships Programme.

To have the chance to be recognised with such an accolade makes us, as a small to medium enterprise, very proud. Even more so, to be chosen for our continued work with SWC and the Northern Ireland Apprenticeship Programme.​

What exactly does SME mean?

Definition: Small to Medium Enterprise

Simply put SME is a term that covers a portion of businesses with less than a certain number of staff members and which produce under a certain figure in their annual turnover.

TBC Conversions fall under both these criteria and can, therefore, be described as an SME. As a small to medium enterprise, we are delighted to have been selected for the work we do with the apprenticeships scheme. If we are successful in our nomination for the SME Award, we can look forward to standing out among other businesses and hopefully set an example for other SMEs to follow in our footsteps.

SME Awards

What the Northern Ireland Apprenticeship Programme means to TBC Conversions

We currently have 6 valued apprentices working with us at TBC Conversions, each undertaking a specially developed training programme spanning 36 months.

Working together with South West College we identify our candidates at various educational open days where we make our selection and shortlist the right people. Being a unique business means TBC Conversions’ apprenticeship programme is often highly sought after so thankfully there is always a large pool of eager participants for us to choose from. From here we take each student on a learning journey through the inner workings of TBC Conversions and all that we do here.

The apprentice training programme is overseen by both TBC Conversions best team members and SWC, ensuring that each apprentice is given the correct support and guidance through their time with us, at the end of which they are offered full-time employment.

The Northern Ireland Apprenticeship Programme is important to us as it enables us to mould young people, training them in the process to become valuable members of the TBC team. Being the only business of our kind in Northern Ireland, we can give each apprentice a wide range of experience across all our sectors including our innovative mobility conversions, specialist conversions and

taxi and minibus conversions.

“The SME Award would mean so much to us as it showcases our commitment and support of the apprenticeship programme and also highlights the high standard of training and development, we provide our apprentices at TBC Conversions”

TBC Conversions MD Davy Donnell

The future for TBC Conversions’ Apprentices  

In the not-too-distant future, we can look forward to our hardworking apprentices completing their programmes and seeing their achievements being realised at the Northern Ireland Virtual Apprenticeship Awards 2021. An immensely proud moment for us, them and the TBC Conversions Team Members who have helped train them.

We can only hope that we will be lucky enough to be presented with the SME Award. What we do know, however, is that we will certainly continue our work with SWC to give our young people great head starts in their working lives in the near future and beyond. 

Now more than ever, it’s those in education who will need the best support they can get to ensure their futures are not negatively impacted by the effects of the pandemic. We would like to ensure we are a part of the solution by carrying on with our efforts in training and developing the next generation of TBC Conversions employees. 

Applying Intelligence, Empathy and Care to all we do

Our work at TBC Conversions goes beyond selling and converting vehicles. We aim to make a difference with every client and customer we meet and furthermore, we believe this is only achieved when you have the right people in the right roles.

The longstanding and continued partnership with SWC and the Northern Ireland Apprenticeship Programme will help us build a stronger team in TBC Dungannon, and of course, there will be hopes of striking a similar connection in our Bromborough based offices soon.

This year a virtual ceremony will be taking place to which we all are invited. From here we can look forward to helping shape the future of all our apprentices with the same intelligence, empathy and care we apply to our vehicle conversions.