Van Conversions

When you run your own business or have the responsibility of running a large workforce and fleet, it is important that you are able not only to maximize the space of your vehicle but to ensure that those who work for you travel in safety and comfort.

TBC Specialist Conversions work with a variety of organisations who rely on their crew van for transportation and for the service delivery. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in supplying the very best crew van solution - we work with all major vehicle manufacturers and we have provided conversions for a diverse range of businesses, from sole trader to some of the largest fleet operators in the UK.

TBC Specialist Conversions are committed to customer care and we pride ourselves not only in understanding the business needs of our customers, but providing the most cost effective solution, ensuring that every vehicle is designed, built and delivered with intelligence, empathy and care.

For further information on how TBC Specialist Conversions can help your business or to speak to a sales advisor, please call 028 8772 2247 (From UK) or 048 8772 2247 (from ROI) or email