About TBC Taxi & Bus Conversions

TBC Taxi and Bus Conversions is a vehicle conversion and adaption company specialising in the conversion and adaptation of taxis and minibuses operating throughout UK and Ireland.

TBC Taxi and Bus Conversions are one of the market leading vehicle conversion companies specialising in the conversion and adaptation of taxis and minibuses. We work with all major vehicle manufacturers and convert and adapt vehicles for a range of customers within both the Private and Public Sectors across the UK and ROI.

TBC Taxi and Bus Conversions is a customer-centric business, fostering strong relationships with all of the major vehicle manufacturers including VW Commercial Vehicles, Mercedes, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Nissan and Fiat Professional. We have a long standing relationship with VW Commercial Vehicles, converting and adapting their Crafter Range for clients across the UK and Ireland and were the first conversion company in the UK to achieve the highest safety standard for the Crafter and Caddy Maxi Life range (ECWVTA / European Type Approval). IN addition the company has received a "Letter of No Objection" from VW head Office in Wolfsburg, Germany."

TBC Conversions Warehouse

We pride ourselves in having a thorough and in-depth understanding of both the needs of our customers and their passengers and believe that everyone, regardless of disability, deserves tho travel in safety, comfort and style. This is reflected in every single aspect of our work. Our technicians are trained to the highest standards and our sales advisors are focused on meeting the needs of all our customers.

Through this commitment to our customers and an understanding of their needs, we work hard to design, build and deliver each vehicle with intelligence, empathy and care.

For further information on TBC Taxi and Bus Conversions and how we can help your organisation, please call 028 8772 2247 (from UK) or 048 8772 2247 (from ROI) or email sales@tbcconversions.com