Taxi Clients

TBC Taxi and Bus Conversions are specialists in the conversion and adaptation of taxis operating across the UK and Ireland. We work with organisations of all sizes and boast a client base that includes both large organisations, fleet taxi companies as well as smaller independent taxi operators.

TBC Taxi and Bus Conversions have excellent relationships with the DVA Enforcement and Compliance teams in Northern Ireland as well as the Taxi Regulator in ROI. We work closely with all the legislative bodies across the UK and Ireland in order to keep ahead of any changes in legislation, which will have an impact on the taxi industry.

We are a customer-centric business and it is our firm belief that all passengers, regardless of disability, deserve to travel in safety, comfort and style and we apply this thinking to all of our conversions and adaptation work. Our technicians have vast experience in all aspects of vehicle conversion and adaptation and our sales advisors are focused on understanding and delivering on the specific needs of a varied customer base.

Working with some of the largest fleet taxi operators across the UK and ROI as well as the smaller independent taxi drivers, our client base includes:

  • Value Cabs (Belfast)
  • Fonacab (Belfast)
  • Gransha (Belfast)
  • The Taxi Centre (Glasgow)

For any additional information on how TBC Taxi and Bus Conversions can assist your organisation or to speak to one of our sales advisors, please do not hesitate to call 028 8772 2247 (from UK) or 048 8772 2247 (from ROI) or email

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