Minibus Conversions

TBC Taxi and Bus Conversions specialises in the conversion and adaptation of minibuses.

We work with all major vehicle manufacturers and supply converted minibuses to both individuals and organisations across the UK and ROI. We have the capacity, experience and skill to undertake all types of conversion and adaptation work with a client base which includes both Public, Private and Charitable sectors - our customers include commercial vehicle manufacturers, large fleet taxi companies, rural transport organisations and coach companies.

TBC Taxi and Bus Conversions is a customer-centric business and dedicated to delivering the best solution for our customers and their passengers. We employ highly skilled and experienced technicians who work across all vehicle types and have a sales advisor team who are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of customer care. By employing the best qualified staff, we work hard to ensure that all vehicles are are designed, built and delivered with intelligence, empathy and care.

For more information on how TBC Taxi and Bus Conversions can help your business or to speak to a sales advisor, please call 028 8772 2247 (From UK) or 048 8772 2247 (From ROI) or email

Five Converted Minibuses opposite the Gateshead Millennium Bridge